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Live your wildest dreams with BDSM in Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Califonia, Texas and more

The first thing to know is about BDSM is that it means bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S) and sadism and masochism (S&M). The term is bundled up together because BDSM can be a lot of different things to different people with specific preferences. Most of the time the person may be falling into one or two of these categories, rather than all of them altogether.

For most of the people BDSM Girls is always connected to physical intimacy, but for some people, it is not so. However both the parties experience body pleasure which is very intense and causes a lot of strong feelings in people who are practicing in it. It is one of the most common and frustrating misconceptions of the people about BDSM that it is the act which emerges from abuse or may be sexual or domestic violence. But this is not true. It is more likely a matter of personal and sexual preference of people who are involved in the act. Engaging in the act of hardcore BDSM does not mean that you like enjoying abuse or abusing. 

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